This week’s assignment: take and edit all photos with a mobile device. Oh boy.

At first, I was thinking, “Well, this will be interesting. I’ll just get it done and over with as soon as possible.” However, I noticed that through this week, thinking about what I should photograph, I took a lot more pictures than I normally do. About things I normally wouldn’t even look twice at. I also made a lot more posts on social media with my pictures. The fact that it was on my phone made that a lot easier to do.

Not only did we have to take and edit the pictures in our phones, but it also had to have text. My text I chose come from scriptures or hymns that I love.



I lucked out with this photo. There just happened to be a tractor chilling on campus over the weekend. I wanted to associate the text with something about work in the gospel. After a bit of searching through multiple scriptures, James 2:22 seemed to fit well.



This was actually the first photo I took. It was raining and the plants are still green. I wanted to catch a perfect raindrop on a leaf, and after walking around campus long enough, I found one!



I learned something from this assignment this week. I am a sucker for pretty flowers. I noticed this one small, bright yellow flower popping up out of the ground surrounded by purple flowers. The complimentary colors caught my eye, and after taking a few shots, all I could think of was the hymn, “There is Sunshine in My Soul.”



Walking home at sunset, I was walking up some stairs and noticed the tiniest little ants walking around. I could see them and their mini shadows. They are so tiny (it was hard to get a good shot of the little buggers as they kept scuttling around so fast), and all I could think of is how hard they work, how they never seem to stop. Even though they are tiny, even though they seem simple, they can do great things!