I have always loved macro shots. The up-close and personal view of small things. The fine details and textures that we sometimes take for granted. After this assignment, I am definitely putting macro lenses or metabones macro tubes for my own camera. Ah yes… my wishlist on Amazon keeps growing.



“Victory Coin” – 95mm, F18, 1/40, Canon t3i. I tried a lot of different angles for these coins, but none of them were working how I wanted. I just could never seem to get a good spot on what I wanted to be in focus. After moving around to just the side of the light source, I found a perfect spot to focus on, the words “In Victory” on the side of the bottom coin. I first made a few adjustments in Photoshop, then moved to Lightroom to add a vignette and use a sharpening brush on the side of the coin.



“Dragonfruit Texture” – 100mm, F18, 1/40, Canon t3i. I first took this photo into Photoshop and altered the contrast and vibrance. On a second layer, I made a layer adjustment for levels to make sure the background didn’t get altered because I liked the original color. The lens on the camera I was using for this photo was dirty, as I had to use a spot healing brush to take away a few random dark circles where there wasn’t supposed to be anything.



“Metal Pedal Loops” – 113mm, F18, 1/40, Canon t3i. This is my one of my favorite pair of earrings on top of a white scarf. It is sterling silver wire bent several times to look like a daisy. Up close like this, I really like the texture in the metal itself. I took this into Photoshop and altered the contrast to really help capture more of that texture, as well as changing the temperature of the scarf to be just a bit cooler to contrast the warm light being reflected off the earring.



“Habenero and Kiwi” – 100mm, F18, 1/40, Canon t3i. I later ate that pepper. Why? For extra credit, that’s why. Also one less thing off my bucket list. It made for a great story. I was able to get a water drop on the skin of the kiwi for this image. Both the pepper and the kiwi are actually sitting on top of the light source, making them look like they’re glowing. I edited this in lightroom, adding more contrast and sharpness, and added a vignette.



“Dragonfruit Side” – 100mm, F13, 1/40, Canon t3i. I was really digging this dragonfruit, so here it is again. I feel that with this one, I was able to better catch more of the vibrant colors of the flesh and skin. With Photoshop, I added a bit more contrast, altered the saturation and vibrance, and added a touch more sharpness to really catch the water/juice around the seeds. I then added a vignette in Lightroom.




“Lime” – 100mm, F32, 1/40, Canon t3i. This was my favorite picture featuring the lime. I have always loved looking up close at citrus, all the juice is stored in little bulging, football-shaped baggies! I edited this in Photoshop, changing the exposure to help brighten it up. Next I added more contrast to better see the texture, then changed the hue ever so slightly to the blue spectrum because that lime was starting to look more like an unnatural lime-green color with every change I made.



“Sunflower” – 85mm, F13, 1/40, Canon t3i. After circling this sunflower several times to get a good angle, I finally found this view on the side coming from the back of the flower itself. In Photoshop, I increased the contrast as high as it would go, which darkened the background to black. I also added a touch more sharpness to help add more details to the water droplets. I also changed the tint to be a bit more green and get the white balance in the right spot.