All these photos also come from the Bannack, Montana trip. These are the themed pictures that I took throughout the day. I had been thinking for a while of what to do, even after we arrived in town. I wanted to do something that not a lot of others might do, like doorknobs or hinges. After taking some photos there, I finally decided on cobwebs. Many of the pictures are similar, since cobwebs were usually in the windows, but in each, I tried to make sure that each photo was different from others. Three of them have text added to them.



“Black and White” – October 28, 2016, 86mm, F 5.6, 1/80 sec, Sony a7S

There were two versions of this picture that I took, one with the dead fly in focus, and this one with the web more in focus. I decided on this one and edited this in Lightroom. I increased the clarity and contrast. The text was added in Photoshop. My watermark in the corner, which is now in every photo, was made in Illustrator.



“Cabinet Web” – October 28, 2016, 46mm, F4.5, 1/160 sec, Sony a7S

I was walking through one of the larger houses in Bannack, the one that, I believe used to be the hotel before the courthouse became a hotel. I was excited to take this photo because it was the first cobweb that I had seen that was not in a window. I edited it in Lightroom, using auto sync with another photo that I increased the clarity, contrast, and vibrancy.



“Cobweb” – October 28, 2016, 36mm, F4, 1/50 sec, Sony a7S

This was taken at the very end of the day. If you go look at my fine art blog (Blog 10), you will see the stove and kitchen that I took this photo in. I edited this photo in Lightroom, and added the text in Photoshop. I did this on a computer screen that made the text look a little more contrasted against the windowsill. I still like it, but I will definitely be adding something to the text to make it stand out more, or perhaps change the color.



“Dangling” – October 28, 2016, 50mm, F7.1, 1/160 sec, Sony a7S

I probably wouldn’t have taken this photo, since it was so similarly set up like some of the other cobweb photos, but then I saw the dangling moth. I also really liked the fine details I could see in the cobweb itself. I edited this in Lightroom using the auto sync with other photos to increase clarity, contrast, and vibrancy. I also cropped it just a bit to help the composition.



“Dead Flies” – October 28, 2016, 70mm, F5.6, 1/100 sec, Sony a7S

I liked this photo because it was quite a full cobweb. Full of dead things… I also really liked the details that I could see such tiny details in it. I edited this in Lightroom with auto sync settings to increase contrast, vibrance, and clarity.



“Fragile” – October 28, 2016, 70mm, F5.6, 1/80 sec, Sony a7S

I almost didn’t include this photo since it seemed so similar to other cobweb photos, but I loved the wood in the windowsill and how small the cobweb seemed to be. I edited this in Lightroom with autosync settings like the others.



“Green Cobweb” – October 28, 2016, 58mm, F8, 1/125 sec, Sony a7S

This was one of the first spiderweb photos I took. This was, I believe, taken in the same room as the “Indian Couple” portrait from blog 9. I edited this in Lightroom with auto sync at first, but then adjusted individual settings and cropped it in to help with composition.



“Messy Cobweb” – October 28, 2016, 64mm, F5.6, 1/30 sec, Sony a7S

I was debating between taking this photo or not. This is the inside of the “Cabinet Cobweb,” but from a different angle. I edited this photo in Lightroom with auto sync, like with many others. I also raised the vibrancy and dropped the saturation a considerable amount.



“Nails and Webs” – October 28, 2016, 39mm, F4, 1/80 sec, Sony a7S

This was in the first house I went into when we arrived in Bannack. We went in to take ghosting pictures, but none of mine were working out there very well. This was when I decided to do cobwebs as my theme. I took this one because the nails made it different than others I had seen. This was edited in Lightroom using the same methods as the others.



“Netting” – October 28, 2016, 35mm, F4.5, 1/30 sec, Sony a7S

This is the third and final “tasteful typography” photo. Unlike the others, where I had put in the text with Photoshop, this was done in Illustrator first so that I could rotate the text. The color of the text is the same as part of the wallpaper piece that is poking in in the corner. I then moved the photo with text to Photoshop so I could export it at the right settings for the web.



“Old Stove” – October 28, 2016, 70mm, F5.6, 1/120 sec, Sony a7S

The was the second to last photo I took for cobwebs. This is a closeup of the stove in the kitchen from Blog 10. The last cobweb photo was in the same kitchen, and is above, scroll back up if you want to. I edited this in Lightroom like the rest, using the same method, though after I used auto sync, I went back in and fine tuned some settings with vibrancy and contrast.



“Webbed Wire” – October 28, 2016, 28mm, F3.5, 1/30 sec, Sony a7S

I used this photo in the fine art blog, but this has had a little more editing done to it. This is probably my favorite cobweb of the day. It was fun to shoot and is the most unique out of all of them. This is the hood above the stove in the back of the Meade Hotel, in the kitchen. I had to stand on a chair to get it. In Lightroom, I changed the temperature of the image, darkened the brights and lightened up the corner that is front and center by the wire.



“Yellow Cobweb” – October 28, 2016, 47mm, F8, 1/30 sec, Sony a7S

This was one of the first photos of cobwebs I took for the day, still in the first house I went in. I liked this one because there is a dead hornet. I hate hornets, so I was cool with the contents of this image. I edited this in Lightroom with auto sync with the other photos.


Here is where I would put the photo where I made the window looking effect on it in Photoshop, but I did not finish it in time. I will be posting it, but not until this is graded, as I have already submitted what I have.