At the start of summer 2016, one of my friends asked me to help her with a Kickstarter campaign. She had never done one before, and wanted to try her first campaign with original art stickers. I worked with her and the group she created for the campaign to create a video brief. After talking about it in meetings, they decided they wanted a corporate style with interviews of some of the artists whose work was being featured on the stickers.

From the time the video brief was created and approved by my my friend, the total time of shooting and general production took a week and a half. This was the first major personal project I did with my new Sony a7S. This meant there was quite a bit of trial and error as to what worked and looked good and what didn’t, especially when many of the settings that I was shooting in had such wide ranges of lighting situations and room to move around in.

I edited this using Adobe Premiere. I also tried my hand at coloring using Premiere, which did help quite a bit in the final product. Since finishing this, I have learned a lot more about coloring, and have improved a good deal. The music is me, playing a ukulele. A ukulele which, sadly, is no longer in workable condition until I get some wood glue. The audio was recorded using Adobe Audition.



All in all, I am proud of this video. Not only did I get it done in less than three weeks, but those three weeks were during semester finals. The Kickstarter campaign ran from June to September. The video was shared on Facebook, Youtube, and the Kickstarter website. I delivered the video to Stick It, and they posted it as and where they saw fit. The video linked here is my on my own Youtube channel, so the views are not reflective of the reach this video had.

In the end, Stick It was able to get a few backers, but the goal they had set for themselves was very ambitious and they did not get funded in time. After talking with my friend after it was done, she explained to me that there were many things she might have done differently, and will be taking the things she’s learned from this campaign to help her with future Kickstarter campaigns. For myself, I also learned a lot from my experience doing a video of this style as a freelance video producer.