When you think of your health, you typically think of working out, eating healthy, etc. One important aspect of good health is emotional health, especially happiness. I gathered up a group of students with health-related majors, and we conducted interviews asking people what they thought happiness is, how to find happiness, and if it’s good, or even possible to be happy all the time.

I was the only communication major student in the group, which also meant I was the only one who was comfortable with a camera and familiar with editing software other than windows movie maker. In other words, I did everything. That’s not to say they didn’t help, but I was definitely the leader on this project! There’s a point in the video where I am interviewed, which means I’m not the one running the camera or audio. During that, and other times, I gave my group a quick crash course in framing, composition, focus, and checking audio levels. Members of the group also did show up to help and give input during editing, which was done in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

This video was shot on my Sony a7S. All interviews were conducted on the BYU-Idaho campus.