Going through my photos that I had taken just in the past few months and picking out my favorite 5 or so was actually harder than I thought it would be. The next step was to then pick just one to print onto a 24×16 inch foam core board. After some deliberation and asking for input from friends, family, and peers, I decided on my photo with “Potato Truck” from “Blog 4 – Depth.”


This isn’t exactly the original image, this is how it was posted in Blog 4. The method and process of editing for this image is explained in that blog, but in the end, as I was choosing which photo to print as my “Fine Art” assignment, I noticed there was quite a bit of noise in the clouds, particularly in the lighter part of the clouds.



This is the image that I sent in to the printers. I started over from the unedited version of the image to try to reduce any pixels. However, I shot the image in JPG instead of RAW, so some noise was going to be a natural turn of events in the editing process, especially when the final image has to be so large. After I had cropped, resized, re-edited as I liked the image, I created a new layer, put a Gaussian Blur effect on it, then masked out the effect on the field, the truck, and parts of the dust cloud and a few details in the cloud I wanted to keep. I also flipped the image from the original. I thought this made it slightly more interesting to see the line of dust leading from left to right to the truck, then to the lighter clouds. Almost like you were reading the photo. I also liked the effect that made it appear as the truck was not being chased by the clouds like in the first one, but was instead, coming out of the storm and into/under lighter skies.