In a communication research class, we  were divided into groups and selected an event on campus to promote on campus and through social media. Our task was to then do research and hold a survey to see how effective our marketing methods were. Each of us were to create content of different types. When our event, the BYU-I Turkey Trot, came along, one of the managers told our group that it was the most well-attended health and wellness event of the semester and asked to see our research when we were done putting everything together.

I chose to do graphic design, which I posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The first step was to sketch out the design of the turkeys I wanted to do. We wanted a type of countdown for the Turkey Trot, especially for the last week. During that countdown, the turkey would be in different stages of getting ready to run. I took the stages of getting shoes on and actually running.


img_20161030_103158509-1         img_20161030_103150202


I photographed my sketches and took them into Adobe Illustrator. I started using the pen tool to outline different parts of the turkey. I then used the shape builder tool to get rid of parts of each shape that were not needed or overlapped. I then removed the stroke and left just the fill. I used this same method to create the shadows on the turkey and it’s clothes. Getting the colors the way I wanted them to look took a bit of playing around, especially with the browns. I wanted them to be be the same basic color to look like they all belonged on the same turkey, while still having enough contrast from each to stand out. The feathers on the tail started out as a an oval, but using the pen tool, I created key points that I was able to use beziers to change into a wavy, feathery shape.


On the second draft, I changed some of the colors, made some changes on the feet, and fixed the leg of the shorts to make it larger and match better with the other leg. I also added a bit more detail to the shadows on the feathers, foot and shorts.



This turkey was actually the first one I made. I used the same methods as the turkey above in Illustrator, but for the text, I used a warp tool to make it follow the wing of the turkey as it held up the shoes.