I came back from Thanksgiving break and found a box that said “My Publisher” on it sitting on my bed. My book came!


It took quite a bit of work to get it to that point, so I was very excited to be able to thumb through a physical copy of it! I designed it all in Adobe InDesign. I wanted a dark background, but not black. I settled with the dark brown because I loved the way it looked with the teal that I pulled from the photo I used on the cover.

The hardest part of designing the photobook actually was creating the topics on the index page. I had a lot of photos, and categorizing them was a bit of a challenge. I actually ended up creating a few extra categories than I originally anticipated. I tried to make sure that each category at least one normal page and one page that took up the entire page. In the Bannack section, on the spread with two large photos, I had a bit of trouble with keeping up with my theme of having the lines on the sides. I was worried about tangents between the brown and blue lines and the lines of the building on the left.

Throughout the book, I tried to keep up the two parallel line motif. The cover is actually the second design. I originally planned on having on my macro images taking up the cover, the one with the metal flower earring on a white scarf. I changed it because I didn’t like how the front and back cover went together. I instead reversed the colors and added the photo (with windows) that I had taken the color from in the first place.

breannejamieson_front_cover breannejamieson_photobook breannejamieson_photobook2breannejamieson_photobook3 breannejamieson_photobook4 breannejamieson_photobook5 breannejamieson_photobook6 breannejamieson_photobook7 breannejamieson_photobook8 breannejamieson_photobook9 breannejamieson_photobook10 breannejamieson_photobook11 breannejamieson_photobook12 breannejamieson_photobook13 breannejamieson_photobook14 breannejamieson_photobook15 breannejamieson_photobook16 breannejamieson_photobook17 breannejamieson_photobook18 breannejamieson_photobook19 breannejamieson_photobook20breannejamieson_front_cover2

I printed the book, as I said before, through “MyPublisher,” and everything in it was with the basic book, except the cover, with a gloss photo cover. If I did anything different, I would  maybe have gone the addition of lay-flat pages.

I do like the way I was able to do this. MyPublisher had a bunch of presets, but designing it in InDesign allowed me to personalize and customize my book just how I wanted it.