I’ve never entered an actual photo contest before, and so was a bit unsure where I should start. I googled photo competitions and found a few that I thought would be fun to enter. The one I chose to do first was with Gurushots.com. The signup for it was very easy. The first thing to do was to enter the “newbie” competition. There are no real requirements for it, other than they need to be high quality photos. The real hard part of it is to be seen, since there are so many entries. On this site, you get more exposure the more you go through and vote for others’ photos. That has really helped me to boost my votes.

I entered these four photos into the “newbie” competition.


“Truck in a Field”


“Wagon Wheels”


“Stove Portrait”


“Old Gears”


I also entered another challenge competition on Gurushots.com. The requirements for it were portraits that didn’t show faces. I entered one of my favorite photos:


“Gun Point”


After having posted this for just a minute, I had received 20 votes on it. Currently, after a day and a half, there are 305 votes for my image.


I feel that entering challenges and competitions will really help me to not only keep taking photos, but to keep finding creative shots. I have most certainly found a love of photography, and I know that since I’ve started, my video skills have improved. My hope is that I can enter several competitions and win a few. The competitions I’ve entered so far are just the beginning for me!