I love doing zumba. My older sister Nikki got me started in it because she was involved in a fitness group with some ladies at church. I think it’s a great way to trick myself into doing cardio – mostly, it feels like I’m just having fun dancing. It’s one of the only workouts I enjoy doing with Nikki – because she’s a crazy fitness person who will run circles around you and continue doing burpees and bicycle crunches long after you’ve died of exhaustion.

Nikki has a shirt she likes to wear during workouts that says something along the lines of “I work out, no I don’t, I eat cake.” She loves that shirt, but she wanted a few changes to it. Instead of saying she didn’t work out, she wanted something to say that she worked out because she ate cake, and instead of cake, she wanted it to be chocolate. Using Adobe Illustrator, I got to work on a t-shirt design!


The first draft was simple. I wanted to stick to a simple color pallet. The most tricky part was trying to decide how I wanted to draw the cupcake. I eventually ended up basing it off of a design I found online and made some alterations.



With the second draft, I realized that the cupcake itself was very flat and boring. I saturated the colors and added  shadows using the shape-builder tool. I also played around with a gray background. I like it, the design really calls for a dark background, but I think I’ll stick to black for now.



One critique I received from peers about my design was that the text didn’t seem to really be part of the design. Text, for the majority, should not just be there for the sake of being there. If it’s going to be part of a design, then get creative. So I turned the text for “chocolate” into a shape and used the shape-builder tool to cut out the text from the banner which I added into the cupcake wrapper.



At this point, I really liked the design, but I wasn’t sure about the wording. I played around with it a bit, trying to get a little closer to the original wording of the cake shirt that sparked this creative process. This attempt was not my favorite. The word “because” seems to trap a lot of negative space in the design. The first wording seemed to have more symmetry and I just really liked the wording better. I went back to the original draft.


Having finished this and after getting good feedback from my peers, I uploaded this design to my Redbubble account. I’m proud of this design, which I did in about two days. It was one I did just for the sake of creativity, and had fun doing it! You can check out this design and others on Redbubble here http://www.redbubble.com/people/breesum?asc=u