It’s been a while, but I actually used to do documentaries all the time when I was a producer for Upper Valley Idaho. I would do about two 7-minute packages about businesses, people, or groups in the area, compile them with other packages to create a show that would run on a local news channel.

Like I said, it’s been a while since I’ve done those, but documentary-style videos are something I am very familiar with.

I’ve been trying to think of something I wanted to do for a new documentary. I wanted to do something I felt I could really get into. It took my a while, my line of thought eventually led me to a documentary on sugar cravings, particularly how sugar can seem so addicting.

The working name for this documentary is “Sweet Addiction.”

I want to ask people (young adults, parents with children at home, etc.) if they think sugar is addicting and why. I also want to ask health and wellness professionals what they think, and if it really is addicting, what’s the best way to overcome it? Why/how did these “addictions” come about?

I’m currently working on an outline which includes a tag line, summary, potential people to interview, what styles I’m thinking of shooting in, points I want to make, etc. The majority of the documentary will be in a participatory style, but I also want to include performative and poetic styles in it if I can.