This will be the first blog post in the category for writing. How exciting!

I thought I’d start out with a poem that I wrote about three years ago. I love writing poetry. I’ve never published it though. People keep telling me that I should. I tried to get this poem below published in the magazine “The Ensign,” but it was too long for the format they have.

So instead, here it is.

A bit of background first, I served an LDS mission teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas. I loved it, but it was also the hardest thing I’ve done in my life up to this point. I had my highest highs and my lowest lows. In the end, I feel I can sincerely say that I came to know Christ while I served.

A month after I got home, (it was amazing how green Idaho felt after a 18 months in Arizona!) I was inspired to write this poem. So far, it is the longest structured poem I have ever written, but it seemed to be one of the easiest to write. The words just came and I wrote them down. Since then, I have shared it as often as I have opportunity. I hope it can touch lives, I know it has helped me.



Oh Lord, if I was weaker,

Much more than I am now,

If my frame was hurt and broken

And my soul was burdened down,


If I was cast out with the lepers

Where the world’s trash heap was found,

If my strength had slowly left me

And I could not leave the ground,


If my heart was pained and frightened

By a call that said, “Repent,”

I’d hope that fear not stop me

When Thy path near to me went.


My voice would cry out, “Master!

Does your mercy reach to me?

For I believe I can be healed

By just one word from Thee.”


I know that you would hear me

And you’d come to where I lay,

You’d read your hands toward me

And then I’d hear you say,


“Arise, my dear sweet child

From your sins and from this gloom.

My blood and life’s the price I paid

To heal and rescue you.”


Could there be a hesitation?-

Not of Thy strength, but of mine.

Was I really worth the suff’ring

Of someone so divine?


But I’d look into your eyes then

And I’d see the way they plead

To let you lift me from my state

And follow where you lead.


My tears would flow so freely

As you help me to my feet,

I’d try to tell my thanks, Lord,

But I don’t have the words I need.


I’ve always heard you heal those

Who are wounded, sick or lost,

But I never fully understood

How you lift the tempest-tossed.


You are my strength and song, Lord,

My joy by day and night!

My weaknesses you cover

In Thy mercy and Thy might.


Of the ten men you met one day,

All ten of them were healed,

But one returned and was made whole

And in Thy mercy sealed.