I’ll admit, I probably took too long a break from working on getting things set up for my documentary. Thankfully, that only took me from ahead of schedule to on-track.

The main goal I have for these two weeks is to set up interviews. So far, I have two confirmed interviews of people I’ve asked and they’ve gotten back to me. I asked a lot more than two… but it worked out okay because at least the two people who did get back to me were from the two different categories of professionals I wanted to interview. One is a biology professor at BYU-Idaho teaching a class called “The American Epidemic,” and the other is a dietitian specializing in diabetes research at the local hospital. I think that between the two of these interviews, my participation, and by following a family with young children at home and how they balance their sugar intake, my documentary should be long enough and still be interesting. The next step is to set up actual dates and times to do the interviews and coordinate with a crew.

Along with the professionals, I did try to contact a local family here in Rexburg that has helped me with video projects in the past. So far I haven’t heard anything back from them, but I will try calling. If they are unavailable, for whatever reason, I will most likely try my brother and his family who live in Pocatello. (The family in Rexburg is actually my sister-in-law’s sister’s family.) I want to be like a fly on the walls in their home as they prepare meals or eat snacks, and also as they go to the grocery store. The main question I want answered is “What are the typical habits American families have when it comes to sugar?”

A big note that I’m happy to say is that I actually have started filming b-roll. Mostly because there’s going to be such a freakin’ huge need for it. Whenever my roommates or friends start baking, I whip out my camera and get as much as I can. Even if it’s not baking cookies or cakes, the other day, my roommate was making chili and added tomato sauces and baked beans. That stuff has a lot of added sugar. A lot of it. That’s another thing I want to point out in my documentary – it’s not just the cake and the ice cream and the chocolate. Our entire diet is saturated with sugar!


Filming the b-roll is going to be a long process that will most likely be going on throughout the entire documentary, for the most part, I’m really looking for material for poetic moments. The footage I’m getting now for it is short, close up, and I’m needing a lot of it. Once I get a good amount going, I’ll start a sequence for just the poetic mode shots and nest them into the main sequence of the documentary when I get to that stage.

I’m getting a move on.