This last week was an eventful one between work, internships, and this documentary. Wednesday morning, I was able to do the first interview with Brother Hunt, one of the professors who teach “American Epidemic” on campus. I was able to get two people to help me, Weston and Corbin, but there’d been some confusion on the time and I had set up all the equipment alone. They got there in time to help during the interview and take down.

The thing was though, that I had misread some of the audio settings on the side of the camera (I was using the Sony NX100) and the entire interview was recorded with the camera’s internal mic. Normally, that’d be okay because I did also check out back up audio equipment. However, when I was at the production office, the guy getting my equipment was new and couldn’t find the H4N, and so gave me an H1 instead.

I realize now that H1s are useless. The one I was given was broken or something, it would turn off after 2 seconds of recording. The interview’s audio is unusable, but I’m working with Brother Hunt to set up another interview, which will also allow me to get a few follow up questions on some of the answers he gave me. This will be especially useful seeing as I had another interview the next day and received a lot of insight as to the direction I wanted to take.



Susan Clark was kind enough to be my second interviewee. She is an outpatient nutritionist at Madison Memorial Hospital. The photo above is a still from her interview. I had two cameras for her interview, a Sony NX100 (from where this still was taken) and my Sony a7S to give a close-up side shot to cut to ever so often.

The only changes I’ve made to the images for this week’s blog is that I took them into Photoshop and added a bit of contrast. I haven’t done any coloring or anything like that, but when it comes time, I will be coloring this documentary using Davinci Resolve.



We did the interview in one of the classrooms in the center (they are actually in the Rexburg City Hall, which unfortunately had no windows) and so Susan brought a few of her props to show us. The food (most of it anyway) looks real, but is actually made out of a rubbery material. She shows them to her patients to show portion sizes. She also had scale models made out of the same material that showed what five pounds of fat and five pounds of muscle look like. Gross.

We used the foods as a background and also got some closeups after the interview as we were taking down.


The next steps for this week are:

  1. Set up second interview with Brother Hunt
  2. Get a new family to follow through grocery store (the one here in Rexburg is starting soccer and will be too busy now, I’ll probably go with my brother in Pocatello)
  3. Shoot B-roll sequences in nice kitchens (nicer than my dinky apartment’s kitchen) of people making sugary foods
  4. Shoot the opening sequence for the documentary

I might be able to get step 2 shot this weekend, if not, the next weekend should work as well. It mostly depends on weather and my brother and his family’s schedule.