Both interviews from the professionals that agreed to help me turned out great. I’ve got them cut up now and am just trying to get the main sequence edited enough to have a place to put each clip.

Last week, I was able to make a quick video about where I was at in the editing process:


As of today, I have a master sequence with the complete opening scene (video-wise) is about one minute long, then leads into a variety of close ups, then the first of the clips from the interviews. To finish it up, I just need to record the monologue that goes over it, and make sure the videos clips are synced well with it.

I will be out of town for work for half of this next week, but the majority of what else I need to finish filming is me, both going through the grocery store and miscellaneous shots/interviews. I’m hoping to get the grocery store filming done sometime Tuesday, but if not, it will be first thing next Monday morning, after I get back in town.

Also editing. Lots of editing.

Last note, I had a fun time with a macro lens I checked out from the school. This is a photo I was able to catch as I poured sugar on a black plate.