Editing video is one thing, but creating graphics or characters and making them move around is another, one which I’m not as familiar with. Thankfully, I’ve been working on other projects recently that have helped me brush up on my After Effects skills. So far, I’ve created a main title, lower thirds, one info graphic, and am working on additional graphics to show info about sugar and food, as well as some little characters to help illustrate the correlation of sugar increase with rising rates of obesity.

The graphics (with the exceptions of the main title and lower thirds) were started in Adobe Illustrator and then moved to After Effects. I started by pulling in a sketch of what I was going to be working on, create outlines of it, copy it, create a character out of the copy, then separate legs, arms, etc. onto separate layers. That way, when I took it into After Effects, I can move each separate part of the character.

I’d show a freeze frame of the main title or the lower thirds for my interview, but Premiere is acting up, my laptop’s been acting up lately. Not a good sign, especially not this time of the semester!

For the rest of the video, I just now need to finish up my graphics and animations, as well as finish recording my voice. It takes longer than it should because I hate the sound of my voice, so I keep having to redo my voice overs. I’ll get this soon, though. Not that I have much choice, the deadline is this week.