It finally came down to the last week, the last few days of getting my documentary done. I had stayed up many late nights to get it, and Friday night, I was in the Soapbox office finishing it up.

The final touches included trying to touch up some of the audio of my voice overs, trimming and fine-tuning the timing of the clips, and coloring. I’m fairly new at coloring, though, and have a tendency to do it too fast. Especially when I do it in Premiere, which I was. There are a lot of clips that I didn’t color correctly, didn’t match, or colored twice and thus made them darker than they needed to be. In one instance, it made a seamless clip look like a jump-cut. I feel comfortable saying that this wouldn’t have happened had I been able to take the clips into Davinci Resolve and color them there, which I did try to do. Plan A was to move the clips to a new computer that would have a much larger screen than my laptop, and would process the footage faster. However, I couldn’t take all the footage, the folder with everything in it was too large and things kept getting unlinked.

Plan B was to color it on my laptop, which is capable of running the free version of Resolve. However, the process of encoding and exporting took a very long time (my laptop really needed a restart and it was showing) and a lot of the footage still came up as unlinked or offline. It’s a fairly easy fix, really, but I had about 20 minutes until security would supposedly be coming by to kick us all out of the building. I needed to get it exported and submitted to the Nexis file ASAP, and I knew exporting straight out of Premiere alone would be a big time-taker.

It was, but thankfully for all of us in the office that night finishing up our individual documentaries, security has a tendency to forget to check the third floor very often (that plus we covered the window on the door so they couldn’t see inside, and the door has a code.

Now that I have time to do so, and especially with spring break upon us, I will be taking Sweet Addiction back into post-production to re-color it, but until then, here it is: