The senior project and showcase has come and gone. What a relief!

My original idea for my project was to create a series of videos that could be used as resources to use in classrooms to help explain subject matter that many students struggle with, such as geometry, biology, or what have you. After talking to a few high school students, however, the things they really wanted to learn about were things like, “How do I take out a loan?” or “How do I change the oil in my car?” among many others.

Basically, they wanted to know how to be adults.

Who can blame them? Growing up can be terrifying in and of itself, I sometimes feel like I’d appreciate someone telling me how to be an adult.

However, getting the information you need is a huge help in overcoming fear, and that’s what I want to do with these and future videos. I’ll be doing a few more hopefully soon, and taking requests of topics for other future videos.

The first video is probably my favorite as far as just watching it goes. There are two scenes where Kaitlin, my actress is walking and I am operating the camera with an indie glidecam. I definitely learned from this experience that even though the shot will always have a bit of shake to it when you do it like this, the second scene was better because the focus changed and the pace was faster.


This second video was different than the other two in that it was all done in one shoot. Kaitlin, Alyssa (my sister) and I, took the equipment up the the Ricks Gardens when the lighting was pretty nice and I knew there wouldn’t be too many people running around making noise, set up, went through several takes, recorded audio for Kaitlin’s voice overs, and left just as a huge group of people showed up and started yelling and screaming in the background. Perfect timing! Whereas the last one had my favorite shot in it, this one was the easiest to film.


This one was actually the first one filmed, but the last one finished. We shot all the live video in less than two hours and planned on going back. However, that just never seemed to happen. Then, I ran out of time. Thankfully, I know a thing or two about Illustrator and After Effects. I had planned on making quite a few motion graphics for this video, and ended up doing over half of it animated. I learned that even though animation is hard, it is really fun to do. I plan on doing more, with assets created in both Illustrator and Photoshop.


Each of the thumbnails for the project were created in Photoshop taking a screenshot from the episode itself, adjusting contrast, copying the layer and changing the hue settings to cyanotype with a green that matched it, added a Gaussian blur, and then created a mask for Kaitlin to show through. I then added type and erased any part that overlapped her so it looks like the text is behind her arm, shoulder, or head.

I definitely plan on continuing with the project. I’m hoping the next one will be car related.

As I am graduating, however, I run into a couple of problems. First is that I will be leaving BYU-I and the ability to check out equipment I need for free. I do have my own equipment, but I have yet to purchase lights, good lav mics, and an external audio recorder. These things cost money.

The second problem is, I will more than likely not be in such close proximity to my actress. I could use someone else, or even do it myself if the script allows, but we’ll have to see where I end up after graduation and who feels comfortable doing this!

Other than that, more videos will be on the way! (But I think I’ll take a break for a moment first. Senior project, I tell you what…)