This project has been one of the longest I’ve done. Not because it was difficult, it was fun actually, but because since I graduated, I no longer had access to some of the videos and had to request they be sent to me. Until that happened, I could edit a little bit here and there, but I couldn’t very well put things together the way I was imagining it.


In the initial stages of putting this together, I had actually written out a script. It explained how I got my start in video and what I wanted to end up doing someday. I had to scrap it in the end, as it would have made my reel far longer than I was wanting. Ideas change and evolve, but I enjoyed doing this. I might, someday when I need to update my reel, bring back the scripted idea.

Essentially, it went along the lines of : I got started in video by accidentally signing up for a broadcast class and fell in love with it. I combines so many of my passions, that it was easy to do. People ask where I see myself in 5 years, 10 years, etc. I’m not entirely sure. I definitely have plans, but wherever I end up going, whatever I end up doing, you can be sure I will be doing what I love.”