Breanne K Jamieson

The world is full of stories


I am a senior at BYU-Idaho studying video production. I have always considered myself an artist, whether through the medium of pen and paper, photography, videography, painting, music, etc. I love to create new things, or look at the ordinary in a new perspective.

What else do I really put here? I like carrots. Carrots are tasty. Besides graduating and becoming a cinematographer, I would also really love to get a license to be a pilot, that would be dang sweet! I have a cat named Dot, which is short for Dotticus Ravage Battlecat. She used to be a murderous small black ball of chaos, now she’s just a lazy snuggle-fluff.

I am the eight and favorite of nine children, just don’t verify that statement with my siblings. I love watching/making videos, riding my bike, swimming, drawing, writing, gardening, jumping on the trampoline, and star-gazing. I am a huge super nerd at heart, went to comic-con once, it was great, need to go again.

I have no fear of public speaking, in fact, I enjoy it. I’ve actually done stand-up comedy as well. I need to work on that more…

That is me, or what I feel like sharing. I’m going to stop now though, my fingers are cold. Why is it so dang cold in this room? Oh yeah, I live in Idaho… that would be why.